Made in Los Angeles

We are modest, ethical, and affordable…

And we think you’re beautiful!

Shirt Extenders

Add modest length under any top

Skirt Extenders

Add modest length under any skirt or dress.


Proudly Made in Los Angeles

Our focus is on comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces designed to go with clothes you already own and extend your wardrobe options.

We responsibly produce all our products in a small design studio in downtown Los Angeles.  No sweatshop, here!

Go from day to night with our dress extender slips.  Cover a low waistline or leggings with a shirt extender.

Dress extender slips are great for adding length and opacity to dresses that are just a bit too short. Leggings are perfect for pairing with cardigans or adding warmth under a skirt.


Made in Los Angeles


Kolouri HQ
421 E 6TH ST, Los Angeles, CA 90014